Lecture 3: What is History?

“Common Sense”
– must be rethinked & evaluated b/c very subjective

History– record of events that took place in the past

  • Counter: “History is a set of lies agreed upon by the victors” b/c:
  • Always Constructed// compiled by who and for what reasons
  • Context- shapes how history is told & whose history is told (dependent on social transmission & construction of knowledge)
  • Objectivity (lack of prejudice)  – nearly impossible b/c can never really “know”

Histography- Writing of history

  • Critical Examination : Must ask who wrote, Unknown.pngwhere and for what audience
  • Selection: Knowing which sources are unbiased
  • Construct a Narrative: puting personals into writing

History- written for needs, outlooks and agendas of the present

  • Age of ‘Discovery” meant license to invade,search out, capture, vanqish and subdue ppl. in new lands

Colonialism- Policy/ practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers & exploitating it economically

  • Patterns of present give insight to effects of the past

Genocide =literal Death – deliberate killing of a large group of people, esp. those of particular nation/ ethnic group

Ethnocide = culture Death- the deliberate & systematic destruction of the culture of an ethnic group (loss of languages, customs, beliefs & practices)

Residential Schools (1883-1998)

  • Compulsory for all indigenous children
  • Removal of children from families
  • outlawing the speaking of native languages
  • Forced Sterilization
  • Many cases of physical/ sexual abuse

Emerging Issue: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women


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