Lecture 4: What is Ideology?

System of ideas & ideals- especially one which forms the basis of economic/ political theory & policy: set of beliefs characteristic of a social group/ individual

  • Sets of ideas which give some account of the social world
  • Related to the ways in whic power is distributed socially
  • Insider: seem obviously true, natural & universally applicable
  • Outsider: seem obviously arbitrary, idiosyncratic & false

Hegemony- leadership/ dominance, especially by one state or social group over others

  • Preponderant: having superior weight, force or influence
  • Considered dominant: they influence cultural norms

Cultural Hegemony-Antonio Gramsci- theory that the ruling class of a given society superimposes its values on the lower calsses, therefore persuading those lower classes to accept the status quo, despideologyite this being against their better inetersts

  • How a dominant culture maintains its dominant position (Persuasive & coercive)
  • Facilitated by “Culture Industry” -assosciated identity w/ material goods (implies something constructed/ manufactured)
    • Promotes acceptance & reproduction of norms of a given society
    • Conformity has replaced consciousness (Adorno)

How something is represented matters b/c = power


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