Week 10: BAR

Question 2: response- “We know that science has the potential to alleviate hunger, disease, and even war. But without the will to protect these accomplishments and the desire to improve on them, life will remain unpredictable” (par. 16)

Science in itself has the power to greatly influence events, but will only bring about tangiable progress if made a top priority. To prioritize, it is essential give importance to, respect, encourage and protect all rights assosciated with and needed to acheive a certain thing. In this case, scientific research must be seen as a respectable study and one that is practiced with a focus on the integrity of information. If society wishes to improve upon it’s standards for hunger, disease and war, it must first take a critical look at the components of such phenomenon and respond adequately.


The response of science is not simply then research, but action as well. Science is often conceptualized as a simple accumulation of knowledge and an understanding of the patterns that exist in the world. However, progress implies action to which sciene is fully capable of doing. Coupled with information are inventions that work to organize and improve human actions and to assist in the places where humans biologically lack. With science being an extension of humanity, it is then possible that society may improve as it betters current events and calls for a better way of living that what was previously perceived and excercised in the past.


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