Week 3: TSIS

Travel magazines seem to always list Ohio as the best place to visit during the summer. However, our experiments suggest that there are dangerous levels of chemical X in the Ohio groundwater.

Material forces drive history, although others have argued that religious teachings propels society into new eras of cultural norms and human understanding.

Scepticism says that the binary of right and wrong is arbitrary while proponents of Freudian psychology question standard notions of “rationality.”

Their assertion that male students often dominate class discussions is contradicted by their claim that females contribute the most academically diverse set of knowledge.

When it comes to the topic of film interpretation, most of us will readily agree that it is up to personal opinion. Where this agreement usually ends however, is on the question of who has the most credible opinion. Whereas some are convinced that this particular film is about the problems of romantic relationships, others maintain that it is about the problems of a single individual struggling with his inner self.

In conclusion, then, as I suggested earlier, defenders of textbook education can’t have it both ways. Their assertion that templates like the ones in this book will stifle creativity is contradicted by their claim that it opens new opportunities for growth.


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