Week 5: TSIS

Reading Chosen: Nuclear Waste by Richard A. Muller (p.g. 252-259)


Nuclear waste is one of the biggest technical issues that any future president is likely to face (252)  & the stats that come with NW danger

Other alternatives for storing nuclear waste (the sun/ subduction zones) are not a good idea (254)

We should not raise a panic over radioactivity in Los Angeles water supply (258)


Those who don’t like it’s storage in Yucca Mountain as consequences of NOT doing so are much higher (254)

You don’t need a 0.1 % level os security in full 10 000 years, once we reach 300 years, the risk is much lower that people say it is (256)


Hangs on the fence about whether this is a scientist issue or a politican issue (255)


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