Week 6:BAR

Question 1: Doyle has a beautiful sense of imagery. The image of the heart as not simply an organ pumping blood, but an instrument that counts time and has multiple connections and paths encourages readers to look deeper for meanings and hidden truths. By firstly describing hearts of mammamals, Doyle plays on the biological significance of a heart and it’s functions, but by relating it back in the 6th paragragh to the human purpose and symbolism of the heart, it connects the reader to Doyle’s true argument. When Doyle speaks of how hard a heart must work, how it thrives to simply be alive, like a hummingbird’s heart beating too fast for fear of freezing over, he fully portrays his true theme in his writing.

Question 2: The last sentence in Doyle’s essay is important because it describes what humanity does to come to terms with it’s heart’s on vulnerability and mortality. The items on the list follow the same theme that they are meant to protect or enhance their heart-their purpose for being- with all of these little experiences. Each one like a little heart beat. And like the hummingbird and the blue whale, it begs the question of

whether one would rather live a short life with as many beats as possible or a long life in slow motion. Not to say that one is necessarily greater than the other, but to reinforce the idea that all hearts are built differently and that we at least as humans, can build them ourselves.


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