Week 9 : BAR

Question 1: Rublack gives importance to Matthaus Scharz in her essay. She marks him as the spark to not only documenting, but trading and showcasing different styles of dress. Under the essay sub-heading, “Dressed to thrill” it is clear that Scharz is the prime example of an individua who saw clothing as more than just fabrics made for practical standards. Instead, Sharz introduzed a new era of bringing symbolism to the type and colour of cloth used for genders, races, and classes of people. Moreover, Scharz was the first to use clothing as a means of showcasing power and prestige to “thrill’ is audience and inspire them to do the same. The rest of Rublack’s essay uses Scharz’s character and ideals as a starting point to which she breaks off and goes into more historical detail of the ever changing fashion history.

Question 3: It does not surprise me that a large portion of Rublack’s essay is in a male perspective and male focus. It is common knowledge that males were dominant in historical culture in the sense that they were often the ones to document events, lead communities and dictate what a women could and should wear. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that major fashion trends were first introduced by men and then was applied to female dress as well. More importantly, it is not surprising that woman would follow this trend as well as history proves that the clothes they wore could only be from the money that their husbands or fathers purchased for them given that they themselves would only do domestic work.


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