Lecture 11: What is technology? What is Sound?

*Noting that Lecture 10 was cancelled

Technology = scientific knowledge + practical purposes 

  • Machinery & devices (computers, cell phones, iPad, toilet paper)
  • Not reserved for nuts & bolts only–> any innovation can be technology
  • Science & innovation create things using development process to solve common everyday problems in the most practical (simplest) way possible
  • Also for interrelation w/ life, society & environment
  • Mutually Constitutive relationship (technology shapes us, we shape technology)

Writing as Technology 

  • restructuring of thought
  • changes what it means to be human from shift of oral culture to analytic thought that is circular rather than linear

The Shift to Literacy 

  • Writing as a second-order function (develops – is taught)

Sound: a particular auditory impression, tone 

  • Can operate as a truth claim–> acknowledgement of “how things are” in the world
  • helps us make sense of the world & locate ourselves
  • Context- dependent
  • Is not silent work, is participatory work is art-political

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