Tutorial 2

IMG_0947Historian– constructs a narrative of the past & turns it into a text things always happen in the past, but they are mediated by persons (Historians, life accounts) about discourse // narrative & texts

Issue in humanities = identity (race, class, gender) interaction b/w epistemology vs. identity does truth demand a co-relation

“they say” –> follow with why it is useful

Paragraph–> analysis= logical, rational & compelling argument think a skeptical is reading and suggest that you are wrong

“What larger conversation is your thesis responding to?”

“I” is only used for personal anecdote// relates to your life, but don’t do the “I believe” thing

Reel Bad Arabs- Politics influenced by Media Portrayal

END Thoughts: It’s clear now that these sentiments of “Bad Arabs” are not new to America… Donald Trump responds and outwardly address these sentiments of fear. Why does fear exist in the first place? Perhaps a lack of understanding as a result of media’s biased take on Arabs.


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