Tutorial 4

IMG_0946Punctuation = rhythm of speaking

Logos= word


Discourse==> Sign systems

  • Symbols only have memory socially
  • Curry power & Oppression

Tell vs. show

Dove Real Beauty

  • “real” means natural/ unaltered person or the national average
  • Society determines what is real or authentic by comparison to what media puts out
  • Peoples standards are at stake
  • Can’t trust ads for telling people what is real as it can’t apply to everyone
  • “beauty” = attractive/ symmetrical
  • “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

“Real Beauty Sketches”

  • “Social Experiment”- they are trying to show a common trend
  • White women 20s-50s are portrayed (only 1 non-white)
  • Asians, Persians, people of colour are not portrayed
  • “Average” becomes what media suggests & women’s appearance is mainly observed basely by themselves

How we interpret things that happen around us (Phenomenology)


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