Tutorial 5

Audience, Naysayers, Titles 

Audience: Write for intelligent audience, but not one familiar with content

Naysayers: present arguments from someone who disagrees w/ you (makes your arguments sound better when acknowledging other research out there)

Titles: Should relate to essay content – never use the actual essay question (subtitles are helpful)


Discussion Questions: 


  • Sweet: images & singsong voice = introduces tone
  • Mysterious: children’s whispers implies a secret unknown to the readers
  • Mother is very one sided thinking, but also represents the view of all of society at the same time
  • Daughter: obviously offended by the comment
  • Mother daughter have a tense relationship as mother wants her to be one way, but the daughter doesn’t necessarily see the problem her mother is trying to address

“This is how to make a good medicine to throw away a child before it even becomes a child.” 

  • Mother is asking too much for the daughter & trying to make her something that she is not
  • Mother is overlooking stage in daughters life rather than trying to work through it as a learning experience
  • This story can be re-imagined as advice from a father to son, but the gender roles will differ –> male would be asked to be more dominant

Incarnations of Burned Children 

  • “Hysterical Realism”: Wallace created sentences with growing detail using very specific words that make normal situations relate to blood & gore
  • Daddy Door: very slow motion to grow up anticipation



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