Tutorial 6

IMG_0948“So what” “Who cares?” “What is at stake?”

So what = why should they care?

2. The meaning of signs and symbols are often arbitrary. = we can’t use them b/c they mean different things in different social contexts

3. An academic essay should lead with a strong claim = a strong argument is needed to guide the essay

The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui Final Lines Discussion

Brecht- trying to say that Arturo didn’t have to come to power, someone (society) could have intervened

Removing of the moustache- shows Brecht’s “this is a play’ mindset so that people will not be so entranced by the technical parts of the play and can then have the freedom to interpret it by themselves

Story from the past tells us that it can happen in the future and that it is most likely happening right now.


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