Tutorial 7

IMG_0949Voice and Revision, Gender

Voice: convince academic audience

  • Topic sentence is important in leading the rest of the paragraph
  • Metacommentary- go back to what was said before, but say it again for emphasis with a new spin/ emphasis to clarify & expand on ideas
    • What you say + what they say + What you say (again)

Reverse Outline:

  • Thesis
    • Sentence 1, Paragraph 1
    • Sentence 1, Paragraph 2
    • Sentence 1, Paragraph 3
    • Sentence 1, Paragraph 4 etc.

Gender: Femininity/ Masculinity

  • “It’s a men’s issue.”
    • “John beat Mary –> Mary is a battered woman” – shows how language manipulates & there’s a power imbalance (Victim blaming is dangerous b/c we say it’s “her” fault)
    • Shouldn’t as questions about Mary, but questions about John (why did he do it? )
  • “The Dangerous Ways Ads See Women
    • Photoshop changes ppl. to fit societal “ideal”
    • Puts women in a passive & vulnerable position a lot of the times
  • “Everyday Sexism”
    • Normalizes sexual assault on streets

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